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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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OK you all have been so much help that I gotta ask this one.

What I'm wondering is should I leave that information out of my profile?

How can a man/woman expect to pursue a relationship if they are alwayson the road?

OTR can be a trifling experience, living on the road, dirty stinky truck stops,sleeping in the Cab of ones truck.

I know some great female truckers out here and have run across some real b! The biggest turn-off, are those that act like their sh! But, the sweet lady truckers sure know how to make the miles tick by quickly! channel with them to avoid the pond scum abuse up on Sesame Street! Might even be attractive, based on the make and model of truck she drives. Let's talk Detroit, air-ride suspensions, dual stainless breathers and aluminum rims!

Large Marge was a female trucker of "large carriage" who picked up Pee Wee while he was hitchhiking. My inital thought would be "Hey, can she haul a few crates across the country for me? and if I was interested enough, I'm sure I could probably get past the concerns somehow. But, I've also never met a man driver I would keep as a friend.

It is normally more of the argumentative nature that turns them off.-------- RANT OVERI would not care if the gal drove a truck - was a nurse’s assistant at a local grade school - put seats together at the local auto plant (if there is still any plants left in the USA)If she has some kind of high ranking position and thinks her p OOp don’t stink ......... If a man doesn't want to get into a relationship with a specific woman, odds are he has not taken the time and opportunity to get to know her as such for potential, mostly because he walks past her, mostly because he has no desire to sleep with her, mostly because, again, she's ugly. if a man doesnt think you are atleast attractive he wont even take a second look lol..... And a single available person WILL find a way to show interest!! I dont think keeping clean while driving a truck...sleeping in the truck would be an issue.... and if that's the life a woman wants a guy would take her like she is if she is what he wants.....

hehehe I don't think there was any intent to insult or stereotype - that was just a Pee Wee's Big Adventure movie reference! I think I'd wonder about how often she'd be around to actually date but that'd be something to discover through conversation. (Not available enough, and bad hours and dangerous, respectively.) Those last would only be concerns if I was otherwise interested in a LTR with her, though... I drove OTR, local and regenal and I've never met a woman driver I would get involved with.

Basically, if I was interested, I'd probably have a problem with it if she was a long-haul trucker or worked in towing. That being said, I was in the trucking biz for a few years.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. In short, most of the time, if a man walks past a woman, he is not "intimidated" by her, he just think she's ugly and would rather sleep with someone else.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If a woman is pretty enough to him, a single available man finds a way to show interest of some kind.


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