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Wpf dependency property not updating

NET languages are typically termed 'CLR properties' (Where CLR refers to the Common Language Runtime) so that we know which type of property we are talking about!

We will also see how we can respond to event raised by these controls in order to update our model.

For our example we'll look at a very simple UI which displays the details of an event, its name and the date of the event: The model that supports this view is shown below: , allowing us to detect changes in its properties.

We will use this to update the view when the model changes.

It is this static field that we use to identify the dependency property when binding to it: However, this is purely convention.

Whilst the target for a binding must be a dependency property (which must be defined on a dependency object), the source can be either a dependency property or a CLR property.


  1. Dependency Properties. WPF introduces a type of property called a. updating the current. Not every dependency property participates in property.

  2. Property-changed detection mechanisms in WPF. The property you base your Trigger on must be a dependency property. More often than not, a property.

  3. Binding a Dependency Property of. one of the issues I had was I needed to make a user control that could not only be the. Add the dependency property to.

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