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Figures, cocksucking CNN (Cocksucking No News) @dodo Those girls were killing me. 🤪😂😜 Should I SPELL it #Demorrhoids or #Dumborrhoids !! Hard to believe Michael Collins gave his life to free Ire… https://t.co/Mn V2pjz V5M @irish_news This is why Ireland is the TOP place for terrorists and militants to go.https://t.co/9jq PJ736Pa @Dr David Duke I used to put up "World's most endangered species: The White Race! Even if they're caught nothing will happen to them!

Here we reveal his five girlfriends and the dating history.

Simon dated a reality star and hotel heiress, Paris Hilton that span for four years since 2004.

Outside of the obvious gimmick of romancing a ukulele-loving T-Rex, is an incredibly sweet dating sim.

@vdare "Darnell, sit down & STFU or I will CAP your ass! @thebradfordfile If they EVER come up with a TRANS-SPECES, I'm in! @Alba_Risen We need to dox them like they LOVE to dox us! https://t.co/o Uhap W1ZAa @MAX_H8 @Domitia Honoria I hope she learned something. https://t.co/fy9Rj FFp Gk @Breitbart News Why would teachers shoot ANY student?

" @Maryland4Trump1 You DO know this has been proven to just have been a joke...right? @Soul Warrior1994 @IWill Red Pill You @Mavetlehamas @Islam Exposed Org @Warped Mirror PMB @Isrl4Evr @standwithusintl… @itswildrich There is NO such thing as Judeo-Christian anything, Jews can't be Christians & Christians can't be Jew… @Maggieb1B @IWill Red Pill You Texas will be a blue state next time! I'm thinking this guy will NEVER get a second term! https://t.co/hgoz RSd WTI @adjunctprofessr @POTUS @real Donald Trump It reminds me of the Judge Roy Bean movie with Paul Newman. https://t.co/y9h Ten NAu V @rp4usofa1st @IWill Red Pill You It should be age 20 across the board for all pf it. @Harmless Yard Dog I hope you've noticed him saying he could "give a good damn about the U. @Breaking911 @Harmless Yard Dog I remember seeing Craig's List actors wanted for it a few days ago. @Orwell NGoode @Harmless Yard Dog We welcome EVERYONE...except Whites because, well we're diverse! https://t.co/5ca WDkok EG @Bev Hills Antifa5 They BOTH look like they totally expect this. Are you saying colored students will have guns more? https://t.co/dl ZTYUo Ly L @itswildrich @Nationalist Mil There are dating sites just for blacks, Muslims and, of COURSE Jews (JDate). https://t.co/4zs I9TJBx3 @forward_fash We sure hear of the White "oppression" in SA in the 90s. @Alfred Albion @Alba_Risen They'd roll over in their grave if they could see it now!


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