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Among Sysnet Group’s customers one can find hundreds of the leading companies and organizations in the Israeli Economy, including the banking, insurance, defense, telecom, health, government and private sectors.

About Direct Message Lab: DML provides companies with a single point of control to manage their social presence and marketing across all communication channels.

Rich Definitions Page Google's word definitions page is full of useful information including an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciation guide, synonyms, standard definitions, and usage examples.

This is similar to what you can do in Google Translate.

And no, these words don't have pronunciation sound files.

Google has had a similar feature for some time that allows you to automatically translate foreign language Web sites appearing in Google's regular search results.

The project contains 27 other languages, including the major Western European languages, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, and many more.

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Jerusalem, Israel and New York, (Wired — Press Release) — NY – American social media marketing leader Direct Message Lab and Israeli consulting and technology development leader Sysnet Group Software have partnered to bring the DML REACH Social Media Management platform to the Israeli market.According to her, the possibilities of real time monitoring of user preferences offered by the REACH platform deepens and upgrades the relationship between user and brand. About Sysnet Software: Sysnet Group Software is an IT group that specializes in providing advanced and widespread solutions to organizations in the field of computerization consulting, software development, IT and information system integration.The group employs about 600 employees in projects in Israel and around the world, and is owned by the Israeli Concern Amanet Systems and Management.Then click on "Translated Search" at the bottom of the options panel on the left side.(Click on the screen cap for a closer look.) Once you've got your translated search, a box at the top of the results page tells you what language the results are being translated into and what language the results are being translated from.If the word you're searching for is found in another language, Google provides a link to that dictionary as well, and particularly difficult or unusual words include an audio file to let you hear how the word is pronounced.Some words may also trigger image results; search for winceyette to see an example of this.“REACH enables unparalleled ability to increase a brand’s reach and control costs.” The REACH platform enables the capture of user profiles, real-time monitoring of campaign interactions, and personalized customization and delivery of campaign content by user preferences, profile information, actions and personal interests.For example, users visiting a channel of a travel/tourism provider could determine they want to receive updates on all sales and deals to a specific destination—and even determine what channel they want to receive said updates: mobile, social network, desktop reminders, and more.Content upload and campaign management is done on a single fully hosted platform for the purpose of easy, immediate deployment of content to all media channel driving unmatched campaign effectiveness.“Matching your social media calendar to your overall marketing calendar and maintaining consistency across all of your communication channels is key to making an effective marketing campaign”, says Direct Message Lab CEO Steven Plous.


  1. Jerusalem, Israel and New York, — Press Release — NY – American social media marketing leader Direct Message Lab and Israeli consulting and.

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