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Xbmc updating library Russia chat free

Kodi is still one of the most powerful media center applications around, and it works on everything from powerful media PCs to small Raspberry Pis.But if you have multiple TVs in your house, wouldn’t it be nice if they all stayed in sync?When the console opens, enter the password you created in the previous step.You’ll then find yourself at the My SQL server prompt.For other operating systems, please consult the My SQL 5.5 Manual. Simply download the server installation app and run it.

Once you’ve backed up the library (or opted to not worry about it and start from scratch), you’re ready to point Kodi to your My SQL server. Regardless of whether you’re editing the existing one or create a new one, cut and paste the following text into the file (note: if there are already some entries in your file, leave those in place and put these values within the correct sections): Edit the above text to reflect the IP address of your server on your LAN and the username/password of your My SQL database (in our example, it was just kodi/kodi).

Search for Power Shell in your Start menu, then right-click on it and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Then, run the following command and press Enter: By default, Kodi uses an internal SQLite database.

By default this file does not exist (although it is possible that, during the installation process, Kodi created one for you to deal with specific configuration issues). You’ll need to either import your library (from Settings Import Library), or rescan your sources to begin populating the My SQL database from scratch. When that’s done and your library is back in place, you can hop over to your My SQL command prompt and check to make sure Kodi created and populated the databases.

If the file exists, it will be in the following location, based on your OS: Check in that folder. At the my SQL comment prompt, run: (we’re not using a database for music in our example, so only our video database is appearing in the list).


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