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Zac efron and nikki blonsky dating 2016

Not only does Nikki point blank say, "NO," but she thinks SHE is the one for Zacquisha! In it, the momma of three raps a couple of lines that have people chatting about whether or not she was shading Tiffany Haddish and Kim Kardashian West! Blonsky explains that she did not work in the salon but rather was helping a friend, stating, "I actually never worked in a salon.The 28-year-old New York native also said she still talks to Hairspray vet Amanda Bynes, who had trouble with the law in the past but has seemed to turn a corner. She's getting ready to start acting,' said the brunette.'She was one of my favorite actors growing up, and I just can’t wait to see her on the screen again,' she added. "'Nikki played Tracy Turnblad while Amanda was her shy best friend Penny Pingleton. It’s the best relationship I’ve been blessed to make in my career.The movie was based on the Broadway play as well as the John Waters version. She said the best friend she made on the movie was Travolta.'The one person in my phone that I can tell you I can text at any moment that just always has my back and is always there for me is John.'He is the greatest. He’s the greatest man in the entire world, I can say that. Meeting him was like meeting a guardian angel that I always needed to have. So close: She said the best friend she made on the movie was Travolta.

Heck, Mike Rowe has been doing it for years — except we don't think he's ever done a high-end boutique! According to sources: "Steven says she's one of the best employees he's ever had! When she started her career she got shoes, bags and accessories from the store for red carpets but recently approached him about working at the store. Well, we have to give her credit for keeping a positive attitude about the whole thing!But for now - hope you don't have to deal with two many sweaty feet this summer, gurl![ and was asked if she thought Zac Efron and Vane XXXa Hudgens will ever get married. , which she allowed JAY-Z, DJ Khaled, and Future to be on with her.Thursday marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the movie musical Hairspray.And Too Fab talked to Nikki Blonsky about how she has stayed in touch with the cast which includes John Travolta, Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer. Another beautiful relationship I got from the movie.' The star also said Bynes was 'so much like Penny that sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference.'She added: 'They’re both fun and quirky and really lively, and sometimes I’d just be like, "Oh, is that one of your lines?'The one person in my phone that I can tell you I can text at any moment that just always has my back and is always there for me is John''It’s funny because he was really just famous for High School Musical back then. " And I went back, and he said to me,"'Hey, we’re in this together.And the first day we met, I accidentally walked into his singing rehearsal, and we hadn’t met yet, and I just looked at him and I was like, "Sorry! We have to make this ship sail." And we became the best of friends. A., we try and get lunch or hang out or do something fun.'Next Nikki works with Ariel Winter in Dog Years and she touched on the star's body controversy.'She’s so young and she’s so beautiful and so talented and she’s got a great body, and she should be able to wear what she wants.The troubled starlet has already launched an inexplicable, incredibly offensive attack on Rihanna, whom she claims was beaten by her then boyfriend Chris Brown for being too "ugly," and now, she has revealed that whatever fences she had managed to mend with her parents are pretty much out the window…because she's SUING them! Now, we're hearing that Nikki's gotten her cosmetology license and she's landed a job at Superstar Hairstylists (above, and below) in her hometown. She's really sweet to the little kids that come in the store.In a series of new Tweets made in response to various stories in the media about her recent arrest, she writes: this is all false! They asked if a vase was a bong to which I replied, no, that's a vase. Here's what customer Sally Miles had to say about it: Well, there's NOTHING wrong with working in a boutique, but we're really glad to hear that your talents aren't being diverted from entertainment! She even sings and dances for the customers, busting out the tunes from Hairspray!via Fametastic Join the discussion below, or Read more at Fametastic.Guys Zac and Vanessa obviously are in love or Vanessa wouldn't wear his shirt while she's traveling. She was wearing his shirt and holding a teddy bear.


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